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Is there a way to soften that section..?

Earlier this year I submitted a piece to a very well-known online site for parents. The piece was welcomed by the individual who responded to me, and upon further review, the individual asked me if "there was a way to soften that section...?"

The individual was asking about  a section of the article that speaks about the importance of keeping the very young "tech-free."  The individual was concerned that a parent might feel judged by what I had written, even though the individual shared they understood that I was not actually judging parents through what I had written.

I responded, respectfully:

"I do think this is a very important issue as children become more and more immersed in screens, and I take a very firm stance on it. I wouldn't want a parent to feel judged but I would also want them to have the benefit of an honest and frank clinical opinion."

The interaction ended very positively, with the individual sharing they understood and inviting me …

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